A Sunny Day In April

It was the first lovely, Spring day of 2018 yesterday and the attendance at the field certainly gave that away. It started off misty and it was bit breezy. This made flying a touch tricky as the mist was clearing. There’s the plane flying around in a clear bit of sky, the pilot sensibly avoiding the misty bits. Then the wind blows, the mist moves and …. where’s the plane?

The sun shone through soon enough and all sorts of aerial (and some ground) based fun ensued. An early moment of interest, two delightful helicopters flying at the same time:

The Shape of Things to Come‘ or ‘Dave Does the Turbine Taxi Tease‘?

This flight could have ended better. The ‘landing’ has been censored, I feel that it’s just not good form to air such material. Paul seemed to feel that he had a narrow escape and the damage is minor.

Even if you watch this in full screen the plane is just a dot (a lot of the time) when it landed so you haven’t missed anything but it’s the principle of the thing!