Pictures and Movies

BE AWARE … some of these videos may contain language that might offend some people. Nothing terrible, but, you know, it’s only polite to let you know, it might be Christmas and you’ve got Granny round and a few youngsters, don’t want any awkward moments and all …

Chris does it again:

Steve flying something fast:

Here’s Nigel and his Hobbyking Sbach 342 Scale Aerobatic Plane EPO 1400mm:

Jean-Paul with his Tundra:

Who is flying what here I am not sure. I supect that it is Mariusz following Dave. The movie came in with the title ‘Dave’, Mariusz has a plane like the one doing the filming, Dave does have a plane like the one being filmed so I’m reasonably sure but assumptions are unreliable things …

This looks like Mariusz flying something call an ASW 28