Welcome to our friendly flying club. If you want to come along and find out more, simply click on the image below:

Our club was formed in late 2010 to enjoy flying model aircraft, in a friendly atmosphere and to give hassle free advice, support and guidance for people wishing to know more about radio control flying.

Our flying field is situated on Browndown Camp in Gosport, on the South Coast of Great Britain. We are sandwiched between Portsmouth and Southampton, looking out at the Isle of Wight. You can find out more by clicking here.

We are always pleased to see anyone who might be interested in finding out more at our flying site. It would be best to make contact here first to ensure that someone will be at the field if you would like to drop in but, if you are passing by and you can see that we are flying then by all means attract our attention and we will let you in. It would be best practice to avoid shouting at the individual currently wrestling with a tricky aircraft and a rising wind and wait until the poor thing has landed.

We have been experimenting with with some mixed sports modes – here’s Aaron, the first winner or our annual Aerial Fishing Gold Medal.

It was a superb win, Aaron showed masterful forethought bringing the small trampoline.

This was a very windy day – the main attraction was the excellent soup and the barbecued sausages served up by our master chef, Mariusz. A couple of intrepid pilots were brave enough to fly however:

Here’s one of our club, Mark, messing around at sunset: